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Wordpress Web Hosting With Free Installation and Migration

Need to switch to a reliable web hosting server from your existing provider or you just want to play with wordpress web hosting? We can help. We offer 1 year wordpress hosting with 10 email accounts with free installation or free migration. Upon purchase, we will mail you your account information for access. We will also grand you pre-access before you receive the account mail for activation.

Satisfaction guaranteed. 

If you are not satisfied with our service, you can request for refund on the first 30 days of the service. You will receive 100% total refund. To cancel the service, you will need to go through ebay cancellation process, otherwise no cancelation will be granted. 

What Service Will You Get

Server Environment Apache Server With Nginx On Linux Server. You can only host 1 wordpress web application.
Control Panel Plesk Control Panel
IP Address Shared IPv4 address. You can lease dedicated ipv4 address, $12/per year
Backup 2 Backup on our server
Hosting Period 1 Year. If you renew the service, it will be $100/per year. You can purchase multiple quantity of the service to stack up the subscription year.
Mail Function Authenticated SMTP only. We do not offer php mail function on the server. For sending email from you site, you will need to use SMTP connection. Our technical support will help you.
WooCommerce Supported. If you are selling more than 100 products, you will need to increase your php max memory to at least 1GB
Free Installation 1 Time / We will install WordPress for you if you don't have a WordPress site
Free Migration 1 Time / We will help you move from your existing hosting to ours
Template Installation 1 Time / We will help you install your WordPress template if you don't know how.
Security 1 Time, Security Tune Up For WordPress upon request
Support Full Support As Long We Are Hosting The Site
Email 10 email accounts with unrestricted storage
Hosted Domain 1
Hosted Domain Alias 2 / Additional Domain Alias is $6 / per year per domain alias
DNS Amazon AWS DNS or you can point your A record, MX record To Us
Managed Service Yes, we offer semi-managed service. You just have to request it.
Network Yes, we offer semi-managed service. You just have to request it.
Memory PHP Max 256 Mbyte, additional fee apply if you need more memory, $12 per year / per 256 mbyte . If you are a high traffic site, you will also need to increase your memory.

What you need

Domain You need to bring your own domain or register a new domain from domain providers
DNS You need to change your DNS record, if you don't know how to do it, we will do it for you after you provide your domain account username and password


Do I need to promote my site myself? Yes
Do you offer submission to google and Bing? Yes. We will submit your site google and bing once you are ready for free, just issue a support ticket
Does the site come with a domain name? No. You have to bring your own domain name. 
Do you Host the website? Yes. Our datacenter is located in Phoenix Arizona. Your site is hosted on corporate server with 10 gbps up/down links.
Do I need to know how to code? No, you don't. If you don't know how to add content to wordpress, we can help you add up to 10 pages of content. Additional pages will be $10 per 1 page/ 1 post as labor fee with all the html/css well formated.
Can you optimize the site for me? Yes. Additional fee applied if you need us to optimize the site for search engine ranking. Please purchase our SEO service.


After you complete the purchase, please follow the steps below to have your wordpress site setup.

  1. You will receive a preparation email for you to provide us information 
  2. Provide us your main domain name.
  3. Let us know if you want fresh installation or migrate your existing wordpress site to us
  4. If you want to migrate the existing wordpress site to us, please provide your existing hosting provider username and password including domain provider username and password if you don't know how to change DNS settings.
  5. If you need to install your template, please provide us the download link and we can install the template for you. 
  6. Wait for your account mail and an email including all your account access information.
*If you are buying multiple quantity, please let us know if they are for the same website to stack up the subscription year or they are for different domains.
**Adult, XXX, Warez, Illegal content, SPAM and anything that violates the US  Federate or State laws is NOT ALLOWED. Abusers will have their account Suspended without refund.
***We reserve our rights to suspend your service if you are abusing our service or violating our acceptable usage policy, if we do so, you will receive 100% refund.
****our file/web server is separating from database server and mail server. You are using professional high-end corporate servers with clean ipv4 address.
****** You may now use our service to create a download hub or file storage hub.

Web Server Resource
FTP/FTPS Accounts 2
Server Type Apache 2 With NGINX on Linux Server
Hosting Storage 50 GB/Raid 10 SSD
Memory 256 Mbyte / PHP Max Memory
Domain Resource
Hosted Domains 1
Domain Alias 2
MYSQL Databases
No of MYSQL Databases 5
Email Resource
Email Account 10

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