eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions understands what you need and want to help you succeed online. We have served and helped different private individuals and small businesses over the years and speak your language. We focus on the regional market and quality-driven business web hosting service. There are several reasons you should choose eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions as your hosting service provider. Business trusts us because we are honest about our offerings. We prefer to let you know what you can and can not do instead of getting all surprised when you try to do something and you are unable to achieve. No one likes surprises, especially in a business deal.

No Over Hosted Optimized  Fast Speed Servers

We have been designing quality driven websites for small business owners and understand it is important to have a balanced resource allocated hosting environment in terms of reliable bandwidth, CPU and memory physical resource, and IP reputation filtered hosting environment. While there are many companies that host hundreds of websites and domains on one single server, we evaluate all our customer's resource consumption and suggest a better server environment to fit your web applications. Our goal is to provide you with tools to succeed in your areas of work.

Northern, Southern, And European Countries Focus

eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions is unlike other web hosting companies. We do not offer services to all countries on the face of the earth. Our servers are located in the USA and Canada while the Canadian network has lower latency to connect to European countries within its network routing and the USA network has lower latency to USA, Mexico and West Coast and Central South of Canada. If you are doing business with USA customers or your majority customers are located in the USA, West to Central South of Canada and the country of Mexico, you should choose USA server location, if you are doing business with Canada and European countries, you should select a Canadian server location.

IP Geolocation and IP Reputation Blocking

Please be advised that,  we might block or have blocked IP addresses located in countries embargoed by USA for USA server locations while we might block or have blocked IP addresses located in countries embargoed by Canada for security reasons and to comply with local laws and regulations. We might also have blocked ip addresses used by hackers, spammers and fraudsters or any ip addresses aggressively attacking our servers based on ip reputations and statistics. You can also block certain IP addresses via web.config on windows servers or .htaccess file on linux servers.  The measure of doing so is to filter out unneeded traffic and have more traffic bandwidth available to your targeted customers, at the same it is to minimize the risks of online attacks from countries we do not serve. eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions currently only serve major countries located in Northern and Southern America, Asia and Europe. Rule of thumb, if you are doing business with certain countries, you should always use servers located in that country to reduce latency while taking into consideration of client market share quota in your business. For example, if you are targeting at customers in China, you should at least use the servers located in Hong Kong or China. If you are doing business in Russia, you should use the servers located in Russia. You need to consult with your tech guy to map out information share security level and allocate them to different regions of the world with different access right.

ANTI-DDOS & Anti-SYN Attack Protection

All our servers are protected by DDOS at first layer of network entry while we use the 2nd layer protection to filter out ip addresses and block unused port. The third layer protection we us anti virus, anti-intrusion and malware protection provided by Symantec to ensure that you have a safer environment to operate your online business. Please be advised that, we try our best to provide server side protection to our customers, however, hackers are getting smarter each day and not all servers and web applications are perfect, therefore, if you encounter any strange traffic or activities, please report to us immediately, therefore we will investigate to see if it is false positive and otherwise find a solution to minimizing risks. To prevent DDOS and other online attack, you should also integrate some prevention at software level.

eCommerce & Service Business Driven Servers

Our servers host mostly business and services driven websites, including information, services and shopping cart websites. We do not welcome spamming type of websites or websites that shares videos, files or provide file sharing services. We monitor and evaluate each website hosted on our servers.

Security Driven Servers, Get Real Visitors, Not Just Crawlers or Junk Traffic

It is important to secure your online website and business. It is like installing security system around your house and business. eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions servers are protected by anti-intrusion, anti-virus and malware software as well as ip reputation filters. Our network server providers also provides DDOS attack protection. Therefore, you can focus on developing your online business instead of worrying about being attacked by bad ip addresses. We have blocked certain malicious traffic to reach your website as. However, due to the limitation of dynamic ip addresses and the application you use, it is impossible to prevent all malicious traffic from going to your site. We monitor our servers all the time, therefore, we will try our best to block malicious ip addreses and we will also post different ways that you can secure your own website via our knowledge base.

Organic Searching Engine Booster

eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions provides global secondary DNS to boost your online presence and searching engine rankings. We make sure your online visitors can reach you from Northern, Southern America and Asia. By doing so, we have blocked malicious and spamming types of traffic so that your website will not be crowded with bots and spiders but real visitors. We also offer online product classified free for all hosting customers to announce their products and services with links to connect your website, ebay listing or amazon listing. Create healthy and normal backlinks via non spamming way. All the ip addresses assigned to you are clean.

Multiple Allowed Backup Solutions

Updated: 05/18/2015

You are advised to manage your own website backup. eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions uses PLESK to provide hosting services to clients. Depending on the hosting panel and the plan you subscribe to, you may be allowed to use FTP backup to your own backup storage, or use your own dropbox account to backup your websites. Starting in May, 2015, eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions will discontinue automatic backup services for clients while the tasks can be managed by hosting panels directly by clients. Clients will have to sign in to the control panel and manage their own daily backups.  This policy will apply to existing and new customers.  Any server side backup will count toward your available disk space. However, you are allowed to set up any scheduled backup with your available disk space or just use third party backup solutions such as Dropbox or other FTP storage to backup your websites.

To make sure each of our customers can be benefited from our services, we have to setup limit on the resources that we can provide to each individual. Frequent monitoring and evaluation our customer's website to make sure no one is jamming all the network or spamming the network. We sincerely wish we would be one of your partners to develop your online business, hobbies or interests.