About eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions

eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions ( www.eshopverified.com ) is a new small scale online presence and hosting service provider based in Arkansas with years of experience in website design, online marketing, and graphic design. We started by serving private clients located in the USA, Europe, and Asia initially since 2004. And now we offer online services to the general public starting in 2015.

We focus on Northern and Southern America and the Asian market by providing online presence solutions to small business owners. The services we provide include licensed software as service, website design and hosting, website maintenance service, information and shopping cart website design service, eCommerce shopping cart hosting, email and file hosting for small business, organic searching engine optimization, and graphic design service so that you can have an all in one solution to expand your online business. We also provide shopping cart add-on and extension development for popular web applications and shopping carts.

Our mission is to provide an easy online presence solution to help small business grows and gets heard by the general public. We are professional web developers and creative graphic design professionals and we realize how hard it is to promote your online presence while struggling to make your business fly off the ground, and how important it is to assist small business and professionals in any fields to be found online in order to bring business opportunities to everyone who is willing to work hard for their goals in life.

Our service will be provided with dedicated professional technical supports who are bilingual and fluent in English and Mandarin while serving English and Chinese speaking clients.

Our Data Centers

eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions ( www.eshopverified.com ) provides reliable and secure hosting solutions to small businesses. We have tested different data centers in the USA and Canada for their uptime, security and reliability and configured all the security and servers before we provide our services to our clients. Our dedicated servers are hosted by PCI DSS compliant data centers located in the USA while we also use Windows Azure and Amazon AWS services to provide a tailor-made global solutions to our clients.

Besides hosting solutions, we also offer different website design, development and online marketing consulting service to our private clients. We welcome you to contact us for your online presence needs or request a quotation for your upcoming projects.