Which web hosting plan should I choose?

To choose the right hosting plan is easy. You just have to read through the specification listed in each web hosting plan detail, you can easily find the right plan. However, if you are like some of my friends who are not tech savvy about the terms and jargons used in the description and specifications, you will probably get lost. This is a simple guide to help you choose the right plan if you are budget minded individual.

Choose The Right Hosting Environment
All plan are suitable to host shopping carts, wordpress and many popular open source application. However, you need to decide which hosting environment is right for your need. For example, wordpress and drupal are php applications, you should choose linux environment, such as one of  our Business PHP plans. .

For Nopcommerce, Dashcommerce, Candypress Shopping Cart, VP-ASP shopping cart, you should choose windows environment. Choose the right and the most approriate web hosting environment can reduce lots of headaches in website management.

If you don’t know what your application is called, the best way is to see majority of file extensions in your application. If your application contains mostly “.php”, “.tpl” files, you will want to choose one of our Business PHP plans on linux servers. If most of the files are ending with .asp, .aspx, you will want to choose Windows server plans, such as one of our Business Windows Plan.

Decide Which Plan is Right For you

Choosing a web hosting plan is like buying car and house insurance. You do not want to purchase more coverage than you need. These days, most of web hosting companies are offering unlimited bandwidth traffic, therefore, it is easy for us to find the right plan for our website.  There are different ways to decide which plan is right for you.

Based on The Age of Your Website

If you just start to do business online or you want to have your first website, we would recommend you to with the most minimal hosting plan first, such as our Business SOHO plan. You want to get familiar with the hosting environment and get more online visitors before you go for bigger hosting plans. If you already have a website but do not have many visitors, you will then choose the Business Essential Plan. Business Pro is for website that have very steady monthly online visitors such as more than 50 visitors per day while Business Ultimate provides more resources to deal with higher traffic from online visitors and the total file size of your application.

Based on The Size of Your Website


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