Website Hosting Service Open For Business

After years of providing website hosting and design services to private clients, we are now ready to provide website hosting services to other business entities and owners who want a reliable shared hosting solution on business grade windows or linux edge servers and a website that is always on to receive real traffic instead of traffic from junk clicks, crawlers, bots and spiders. Our servers have already filter out some major junk traffic and aggressive bots so that you can focus on your online business.

We are proud to announce that eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions is now officially accepting clients for its optimized linux and windows servers. We provide person-to-person technical support to make sure your website works. All plan comes with default plan and configuration. We are always here to make sure your website can run smoothly. Do not hesitate to request technical support or request us to evaluate your websites. Your success is our success.

VPS servers and Dedicated servers are cool and good. However, after years of serving our business customers, we have found alot of them just need a shared hosting provider who can work with them instead of working against them to build their online business before they move to VPS or Dedicated servers. In eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions, we focus on problem solving instead of pushing customers away. We will work with you to debug the problems you have. We know lots of time it might be script issues and a lot of time it is also resource allocation and misconfiguration issues on the servers or existing server bugs that have not been resolved by server OS.

Searching engine optimization is important, it is more important to provide relevant content to your targeted audience and service your potential customers. A content relevant website can easily reach high searching engine ranking.

Creating back links is important, it is more important to create at the right place. We have provide eShop Verified Marketplace Connect free of charge for each of our hosting customer so that they can promote their products and services while we are also promoting Marketplace Connect online.

Our servers are located in USA and Canada with global secondary DNS located in West Coast, Central States, East Coasts, Europe And Asia to make sure your website can be found in those areas.