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Advanced ASP windows server hosting is created for professional business owners who want to create their corporate branding online presence with the targeted markets in the USA, Canada, UK, and European Countries.

The hosting plan allows you to host different kinds of web applications written using classic asp, c#, VB or latest .Net Core applications. The plan also provides unmetered network bandwidth which means you don't have to worry about how much traffic coming in and out of your website. To protect our hosting customers, our network has multiple layers of protection to prevent major DDOS attacks, SQL injection attack and filter tor network traffic and constant spammers.

We are not just a website hosting company, we value you as a very important small business owner and provide support to help you succeed online, including but not limited to SEO ( Searching Engine Optimization ) advice, UI/UX design advice, and many other services that you can subscribe online and our professional programmers and webmasters will be able to help you. You can also check our blog posts to optimize your website.

Why are you waiting for? Subscribe today and enjoy 30 days money-back guarantee. Don't know how to move from your existing hosting company? No worries, just contact us and we will migrate your websites for free.

*Free website migration service is first come first serve. We generally complete the service within 72 hours after the website migration request is submitted. Please include your hosting account, FTP and database username and password information when you submit the request.

Web Server Resource
Application Pool Memory 6GB
Raid 10 SSD Storage 60 GB
Support IPv4 Yes. 1 Premium IPv4. Class B.
Support IPv6 No.
Domain Resource
Hosted Domain 20 Domain
Subdomain Limit Unmetered
Domain Alias 20 Domain Alias
DNS Server
DNS Server Type Amazon Route 53
MSSQL Databases
MSSQL Database Server MSSQL Server 2014
No of MSSQL Databases 40
Per MSSQL Database Quota 2GB
MYSQL Databases
Mysql Database Server MYSQL Server 5.6
No of MYSQL Databases 20
Per MYSQL Database Quota 2GB
Mail Server Resource
Total Mail Storage Unmetered
Total Mail Accounts 50
Mail Forwarding Unmetered
Mail Alias Unmetered
Per Hour Outbound Sending Limit 250 Messages To Third Party Mail Servers. Unlimited To Internal Mail Accounts

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