We make sure your website is secured and running smoothly online.

Wordpress Installation Service

Each hosting account comes with one click installation of wordpress apps without limits on how many website you can create. However, a popular web application can also attract lots of spammers and hackers. We will install wordpress, your theme and tighten up your security and get rid of junk traffic. This service is rendered based on per wordpress installation.

  • [is_title] Services Include
  • 1 Time Wordpress Installation
  • 1 Time Wordpress Theme Installation
  • 1 Time Security Tightened
  • 2 Hours Require Hours
Remote PC Cleaning Service

It is always a headache when your computer is infected with rootkits, malware and viruses. eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions provide computer cleaning service via remote service. All customer will be required to install remote access with a link in our email that we send you. We will attempt to clean your computer first remotely. You may require to ship the laptop or computer to us for advanced cleaning if remote cleaning does not work.

  • [is_title] Services Include
  • 1 Time Windows PC/Server Cleaning
  • 1 Time Free Antivirus Installation
  • 2 ~ 4 Hours Require Hours
Embed Website To Facebook

Most social media users like to stay on the social media website when they are checking new posts or chatting with their friends. We will embed your website to your facebook company page as page tabs so that facebook users do not have to leave facebook.com and still be able to view or shop on your website on facebook directly without using facebook shop or services tab. You can embed single or multiple page tabs on your facebook pages based on your website navigation or menu system.

  • [is_title] Services Include
  • 1 Time Embed Your Website To Facebook
  • 6 Hours Require Hours