Malware Scan And Trust Seal Solution

We know you value your business online and would like to provide your client a safe environment for shopping. Hackers and spammers will utilize different ways to find vulnerability on your website and inject malicious scripts. eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions provides website anti-malware scan and monitoring with trust seal so that your customer can shop or visit your website without worries.

What is Website Malwares?

Malware gets on a website the same way it gets on a personal PC. The author of a virus or worm finds a vulnerability, and they exploit it with a piece of code.

In the case of a Windows PC, it could be a vulnerability in Internet Explorer or Windows itself, but for a server, it could be a problem with the way a web app was designed. It can be incredibly hard to create a secure web app, and as such there can be many security flaws found in them. So it does not take long for a cyber criminal to find a hole to exploit.

Once exploited, they can simply send their malware in and take hold of the server they get in. Then, they can poke around, access databases, and add viruses to the web pages that this server provides so any visitor gets infected. When this happens, then all hell breaks lose. This is how databases end up being leaked, people lose their accounts, and password lists appear on underground sites. That is the worse thing a server administrator wants to hear.

But there are also other ways to infect a website. Often, it is not the website itself that gets infected, but an ad network. Most shopping websites provide ads that come from an ad network, and if that network did not correctly review ads, then your site may actually end up serving malware to your own visitors, without you being aware of it.

Cross Site Scripting Attacks

Another way is through something called XSS or cross-site scripting. This is not a vulnerability in your server exactly, but instead a way that JavaScript can be exploited to use one site in order to infiltrate another. Finally, a server can also be infected the old fashion way, by finding a bug in the code that is running on it. In each case, this presents a major challenge for business owners.

As a business owner, to reduce the chances that this will happen to you.

First, you need to make sure you keep your servers patched up. This can be done by using the update feature of your operating system if you control your whole server, or simply making sure things like WordPress and other scripts are kept up to date if you use a hosting account. Your own code should also be secure, kept monitored so that you can find any potential problem with it, and fix it quickly.

Finally, do regular checks to make sure no one got in. This can be done by looking at logs and analytic software. If you have the ability to use a web app firewall, there are several solutions that can monitor this type of activity. It can be a challenge, and the bad guys often get the upper hand, but it has to be done if you value your customers.

Why Choose eShop Verified Website Malware Scan Partner Services

When your website is attacked by malicious online users, named spammers and hackers, you don’t want to use any website malware scanner without any assistance. Our developers can help you to tighten up your website security while the software itself will assist you to find out the problem and provide malware removal aiding service. Although the malware scan service will provide all the advice, however, it is usually difficult for non tech savvy customers to understand. eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions provides dedicated support service so that you can focus on your business online.

getgeotrustsealAvoid being a hacked site with GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware Scan. Get your websites scanned on daily basis for avoiding malware attacks. GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware Scan helps protect your web site from malwares, track malwares (if any) and destroy (if found) them successfully. It keeps your search listings optimized by ignoring the search engine blacklists.

  • GeoTrust WebSite Anti-Malware Scan
  • $129.99/Per Year
  • $149/Per Year
  • Dedicated Malware Removal Support from eShop Verified
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SAN Support
  • Seal Issuance 2-3 Week After Your Website Passes All Scans
  • Anti-malware scanning and checkups on regular as well as daily basis.
  • Dual facility of analyzing as well as monitoring of web pages for recognizable malicious code and malicious activity to supply with easy cleaning up of infected site.
  • Un-delayed instant alerts, if found any malware on the site and hence aiding in the quick removal of malware.
  •  Fully fledged support for on-demand scans for assuring the site’s status.
  • Exhibiting the trade mark of GeoTrust, one of the worlds’s best CA and number 1 provider of SSL for the top 1 million most visited domains on the web.
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Any Symantec SSL certificate products automatically grant you Norton Secured Seal for your website at free of cost. If you want to buy this site seal individually, you will need to pay for it. The Symantec Safe Site (Norton Secured Seal) bestows some other great features, such as daily malware scan and notification and avoid being blocked by searching engines.

  • Symantec Norton Trust Seal
  • $465/Per Year
  • $499/Per Year
  • Dedicated Malware Removal Support from eShop Verified
  • Mobile & Smart Phone Friendly
  • Full organization validation
  • Most Recognized Trust Seal: Many payment gateways, banking and financial sites use Norton Site Seal for user’s safety. The most recognized site seal entices users to interact with the website. More than 100,000 websites show Norton Site Seal and it is viewed by up to 650 million times in a single day.
  • Relentless Protection: Symantec Safe Site proves that your website is authenticated and your website has been scanned by a malware scan hence is clean and free from malware or any other infections. This site seal offers daily malware scan and instantly notifies about malware.
  • Enhance Confidence: Users can see the Symantec Safe Site next to search results in search engines that boost their confidence to buy, click, and sign in online. You can ensure your customers that they are dealing with the legitimate website.
  • Avoid being blocked by search engines: A search engine could block malicious website, but Symantec Safe Site (Norton Secured Seal) scans website for potential malware and saves your website from being blocked by search engines. It gives detailed information about malware detection to perform quick action.
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Return and Refund Policy

There is no return or refund for these products. We will be provide technical support and assist you to install the malware scan and monitor your site while the seal is being issued.