Digital Marketing

Strategic Business Digital Marketing Service With Years of Professional Business Experience In Distribution and Programmatic Online Marketing  Expertise.

Digital marketing strategies use of various digital tactics, demographic statistics and channels to connect with visible and invisible customers, prospects and packets online with the purposes of promoting a brand, sale, services and achieving the goals of customer loyalty, return visits and more.

The first step is to distinguish who is a real visitor and who is not, namely a bot  or a real visitor online, and utilize related strategies to manage them. eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions offer professional business digital marketing service, more than just optimizing your website for search engine ranking or doing advertising, with programmatic methods, which is logical and pragmatic.

Know Your Brand, Mission and Vision

What is the name of your brand? Does it represent your products and services? How do you manage your brand awareness online and offline? Does your website call for your brand awareness? Let’s talk.

Know Your Audience, Culture And Yourself

For any types of business either a brick and mortar store, catalog mailing company or merely just an online website, getting to know who you will sell your own products or provide your services is always the first step to outreach.

Our professional digital marketeer will assist you to find out your potential customers online and create strategies to get to know them and bring them into your business.

Know Your Market Capacity And Competitors

After you get to know your audience, it is essential and important to see the capacity of the market, namely, how competitive it is for you to get into the market and compete. Relatively, it will require higher budget on your marketing plan if you are in a very competitive market.

Many digital marketing plans fail because a business decision maker forgets to foresee the competitiveness of the market and uniqueness of products or services he/she is providing. Our consultant will provide statistics related to your business before you jump into it spending all your budget.

Methods of Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization is just a small part of digital marketing, digital marketing includes but not limited to:

  • Web Technology & Testing & Analysis
  • Organic Searching Engine Optimization
  • Content Engagement & Curation Marketing
  • Campaign planning
  • Social Media Engagement Marketing
  • Email Marketing with Follow Up
  • UX Design & Planning
  • Digital Research
  • Traditional Public Media/Event Exposure Coordination
  • Pay Per Click/Pay Per Impression

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Get a free consultation and quotation on how we can help your business. We use programmatic approach to achieve your digital marketing goals while working with your business brand, products and services.