Our Clients

eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions has been serving private clients for years. We have designed, created and hosted many different private clients websites from the scratch as well as optimized their rankings on searching engines. We enjoy to see happy clients who can profit from their websites when they own shopping cart websites. We love to see joyful clients who always have always-on websites for their own fans, clients and potential online readers to access.Most of our clients whom we have served own successful ecommerce website. Their success is their efforts of managing their business online and offline while being supported with reliable servers that can deliver information to their clients. Below, we list some of our clients who have successfully manage their online business with us.

Way2call Communications Inc – TAPI Compliant Telephony Hardware Supplier and Manufacturer

Way2call hi-phone desktop and hi-phone maestro are TAPI compliant telephony card devices without using PCI or PCIe slots and are commmonly used by educational institutions and corporations for creating different type of voice telephony applications and solutions such as voice answering machine automation, interactive voice response system, voice over ip in combination with different landlines …etc.

Kompresory Marko

logo-markoKompresory Marko is a hardware and industrial tool and machinery supplier based in Slovak.  The company Marko  is a private company which was established in 1991. Marko Company provides sales, delivery of spare parts and service work for various companies throughout Slovakia and abroad.

Skypass Group – Travel, Hospitality and Entertainment Organization

Skypass GroupSkypass Group includes Skypass Travel (USA) and Skypass Travel Pvt Ltd (India) providing a broad range of corporate and leisure travel services as well as a Missionary & Humanitarian group that facilitates air and ground logistics for thousands of travelers around the world annually.

媽咪寶寶親子購物網 – 美國生產前後育兒商品

11024721_1375203702805767_1058224483937327786_n媽咪寶寶親子購物網幫助住在美國的爹地媽咪可以輕鬆的購買適合東方人的各類專業、優質孕媽咪生產前後所需及育兒的各項商品例如金品頂級月子藥膳包, 金品月子水, 金品養腰康, 金品產後腹帶, 六甲村孕產婦精品SebaMed 嬰幼兒系列,黃色小鴨 嬰幼兒系列。媽咪寶寶親子購物網』將不斷地努力開發優質的商品, 並且秉持「嚴選品質」「安全可靠」「細心呵護」的三大信念為您服務。

VoiceCTI TAPI Telephony Hardware, Software, VOIP, CTI, IVR Solution

VoiceCTI TAPI Telephony Hardware, Software, VOIP, CTI, IVR SolutionVoiceCTI Communications Inc. provides computer telephony integration, Voice over ip TAPI telephony hardware and software solutions includes TAPI card, USB voice modem, dialer for interactive voice response,voice mail,PC call recording,caller id detection.


Master Palm Pneumatic Industrial Air Tool Supply

Master Palm Pneumatic Industrial Air Tool SupplyMaster Air Tool Ltd Co is an industrial air tool supply company managing distributions of Master Palm mini air power die grinder tool, grinder tool, drill tool, long neck shaft tools, mini sander, and polisher, palm sander, planetary gear polisher, palm sanders, mini ratchet, impact wrench, screwdrivers.

美國金品月子膳食 – Jingmommy Chinese Herbal Meal

美國金品月子膳食美國金品月子膳食, 全美 月子餐 唯一使用莊淑旂”風車月子藥包”,自營中央廚房,100萬 坐月子餐 餐點保險,發奶月子燉補,坐月子餐 菜色天天有變化,外州”月子餐外送”,”冷凍月子餐低溫宅配”,幸福999月子湯,嚴選品質-每月限量,626-217-7539。!!

食事の月のみ淑カイは “風車キットの月”自己中心的なキッチンは、100万ポイント閉じ込め食事保険、シチュー乳脂肪サプリメント、閉じ込め食事料理毎日の月の出の状態に、変化​​があった “月荘国民の使用食事の配達 “、”食事の配達 “幸福のスープ999月の凍えるほど寒い月、厳選された品質 – 毎月の限度、626 -217-7539。

JingMommy.com supplies Chinese herbal meals with nationwide fresh frozen meal delivery service in the U.S. for Prenatal and postpartum Women and mothers, also hosts monthly free prenatal and maternity care class in Chinese for mothers or to-be-mother in Walnut and Los Angele, California area.

Bangkok Soccer League – Youth Soccer Club

BSL Club - Bangkok Soccer League
Bangkok Soccer League is a voluntary organization runs an International youth football club in Bangkok, Thailand. Its aim is to promote good sportsmanship, teach football skills and organize regular team games. BSL is open to boys and girls between the ages of 4 and above