Frequent Asked Questions

Are you a reseller of hosting service?

No. eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions ( ) hosts its own dedicated servers in different data center locations to serve customers in different countries. We manage all our servers ourselves while they are hosted in secured PCI DSS compliant data centers. We stand by our brand and the quality products and services we offer to our customers.

Do you offer unlimited hosting plan?

Nothing is unlimited when it comes to hosting and resource sharing among websites from quality driven hosting service provider. There are limitation on the hosting resources you can use from the aspect of hardware layer. And there are performance issues you will need to take into consideration when it comes to software layer. For instance, an optimized Linux should not host over 1000 websites ( usually 300 websites ) from the aspect of software layer. Therefore, it is impossible to provide unlimited hosting resources in one single account. However, we offer over usage protection on the “unrestricted” hosting plans automatically where business clients do not have to worry about additional charges from using additional resources assigned. Each month end, if you use additional hosting resources, you will be notified and you can adjust the web application you are using or upgrade your plan or purchase additional hosting resources add-ons before the next billing cycle.

eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions  ( ) will not offer any unlimited hosting plan now or in the near future, but unrestricted resource hosting plans .

Why each plan has a limit on numbers of domains I can host?

eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions Business Managed shared hosting plans are different from regular shared hosting plans in the market. We use dedicated resources on edge servers and assign global secondary DNS to our customers. If you need more than assigned number of domains to your account, you may purchase our add-on to increase the domain numbers. A good server is well controlled and monitored in despite of it is in a shared, vps or dedicated server.

However, if you need more domains for a good cause to your plan as a basis for improving your website performance, please talk to our customer service who will lift up the limit for you without any fees. We want to see a well used hosting space that is serving its purpose instead of having lots of parking domain on our servers. If you are requesting more domains for the purposes of creating junk pages or parking pages, please purchase the add-on. Our servers are used for online ecommerce shopping cart websites with credit card transaction mostly. We are trying to eliminate unnecessary traffic interruption caused by unnecessary domains.

Do you have 30 day money back guarantee?

Yes. All hosting services excluding dedicated servers, software, website design and development and hosting add-ons. If you forgot to cancel your account after 30 days, you still can request a store credit refund. Store credit can only be used to purchase services on our store at

How long does it take to setup my account?

We manually review each order before we approve your order. Although you make a payment successfully, it may not mean you pass our security check. We do security check to prevent malicious customers to create troubles to other customers and us. If you have any concern, you may always talk with our online support. Please be advised that you may only create the domain and hosting space that you are authorized to do. Fail to comply will lead to your domain or website to be deleted from our system or possible account suspension.

Your account generally takes 1 hour up to 24 hours to be approved if you are a new customer. It takes about 30 minutes to 3 hours to setup your new order service if you are our existing verified customers. New customers outside of United States and Canada might have to go through our security check through our security team if your payment is red flagged by our system. For security and fraud protection, we will not release the information and reasons why your payment card is red flagged. If you fail our first security check, you will be requested to send in identification verification. Rule of thumb, always use your own credit card and do not involve any spam or hacking activities. We may also make a call to verify the order in order to protect the original credit card holder’s right. The measure we are doing so is to be PCI Compliant and reduce of chances of credit card fraud.

What is the average up-time of our hosting servers?

Most of our clients have 100% up time for the last 30 days excluding the server reboot and maintenance. Based on the statistic our average up-time including server reboot is between 99.79% and 99.94%. We try our best to make sure everyone’s website is at its utmost performance with less down time. We maintain and patch our servers during off peak hours from 3:00 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. Generally, we reboot our servers every 2 weeks to make sure everything is working well, however, if there are updates and security patches, we will update them immediately to secure the hosting environment.

Do you use raid?

eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions use raid 10 for USA Edge Servers while Canadian servers use raid 1 for OS system and Raid 0 for hosting data. Both come with daily automatic backup. There are max. 7 backup per business hosting account. There is a weekly backup for VPS with Plesk account.

Do you use SSD?

We know that SSD has about 10 time higher speed for read/write ( also depending on the spec of SSD ) while comparing to SATA Spinning HHD , however, we have evaluated SSD as not as suitable for servers currently because servers are running 24/7 and SSDs have very limited read/write life cycle and has caused lots of problems to some of our clients . If you are a very scale website with non mission critical purposes and can tolerate down time when SSDs fail, we would recommend you to go for SSD based space hosting. We understand that our competitors are using them  as there is a demand in the market but we are conservative when it comes to long term reliable performance. If your website requires eMLC SSD space, we might not be a good fit for you. Most of our clients are using our hosting services for business ecommerce purposes, therefore, we avoid anything that will possible increase down time for our clients. Currently each dedicated servers are using enterprise grade SATA II harddrives.

How do I gain SSH access?

eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions linux hosting plans use chroot SSH. You need to request SSH access each time and let us know which ip address will have the access to it and for how long. Please be advised that it is a security risk to grant SSH access in a shared environment. You shall not attempt to hack into the system or damage our servers. Any attempt of doing so will lead to your account suspension and your payment will be forfeited.

How many files/inodes can a business hosting plan hold?

We do not enforce a specific limit on per directory. However, please note that an excessive number of files on one single directory on any server does negatively affect performance. Rule of thumb, your entire hosting account should not hold more than 500,000 files and folders (Windows) or 250,000 inodes (Linux). In the future, we may impose limits based on the evaluations of our customers’ usage and website performance. We focus on performance instead of setting limits. We use different isolated nodes of servers to host web applications, mails, databases and DNS.

Do you offer reseller hosting?

eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions  ( ) is a new small business company serving small business to corporate customers, currently we offer reseller hosting services via vps with plesk with unlimited domain.

What is the website traffic bandwidth limit per account?

eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions offer unlimited bandwidth with a soft cap. Different plan has different soft cap. Once your total website traffic reach the soft cap, you have two choices; one is to ignore it and we will setup a max through out traffic bandwidth limit to 300 KB/s. And your max concurrent connection limit will be setup to 25. This software limited settings still allow your website to operate normal and take orders online without problems. If you don’t like the soft cap limit to impose to your account, you will then purchase the add-on to expand you monthly traffic soft cap.

Do you offer VPS hosting service?

Yes. We offer VPS hosting, please use our online contact form and contact our sales department for a quotation.

Where do I submit a technical support ticket?

You may submit your technical support ticket through our Online Technical Support Portal on this site or by signing to your account.

Do you offer Chinese language speaking technical support?

eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions have been serving American and Taiwanese customers for years. We speak your language and are able to provide support in English, Chinese language and Taiwanese dialect.  eShop Verified 電子商務公司多年來服務美國本地各種族和台灣華人客戶。我們能夠提供英語,中文和台灣方言的技術支援及客戶服務。

Do and Don’ts

eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions provides business hosting for freelancers, small to mid size business who want to grow their business online. All websites hosted on our servers should be for business or education purposes. We do not welcome websites that involve in video streaming, overthrowing governments or authorities, scams, frauds, sharing images and media, political opinions, extreme political or personal statements, endangering people and society or involve in spam and hacking, copyright pirating  or promoting and operating making money quick scheme(s). Any violations of our terms and conditions and policies as well as violation of our Do and Don’ts will lead to your website or account suspension or deletion without further notification. Rule of thumb, all hosted websites shall be used for business, buy and sell, sharing your talents, resume, portfolio, personal blogging, promote your products and services, which are our purposes of launching eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions hosting services. This is an eCommerce commercial network and we appreciate your understanding.