50% Off Business Email Hosting

eShop Verified eCommerce Solutions knows how important it is for customers to get the best price for the services they receive. Therefore, all promotion will be listed here. Business Email Hosting Promotion Starting from 09/01/2015, all business email hosting can enjoy 50% off for their initial order. After the first billing cycle, all price will […]

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Website Speed Optimization

To own and operate a website is not an easy job. You will have to monitor your website performance at all time in order to have top-notch performance and make sure your potential customers can reach your website easily and speedily. There are many searching engines globally use bots and spiders to crawl your site. […]

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Which web hosting plan should I choose?

To choose the right hosting plan is easy. You just have to read through the specification listed in each web hosting plan detail, you can easily find the right plan. However, if you are like some of my friends who are not tech savvy about the terms and jargons used in the description and specifications, […]

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Website Hosting Service Open For Business

After years of providing website hosting and design services to private clients, we are now ready to provide website hosting services to other business entities and owners who want a reliable shared hosting solution on business grade windows or linux edge servers and a website that is always on to receive real traffic instead of […]

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